Environmental Sustainability & Safety

We care

Ellénius Buss has one of Sweden’s most modern bus fleets. We handle daily orders of all sizes – from executive groups to large events.

Our fleet includes buses for all occasions and group sizes, and they all have in common that they meet our high standards for comfort, environmental friendliness, and safety. The buses are well-equipped coaches with all the amenities you would expect.

As a company in the transportation sector, we are aware of the significant environmental impact of our operations. Therefore, we measure, monitor, and reduce our emissions and environmental footprint continuously. The same applies to our safety practices. From a strong focus on maintenance and service to ongoing training with our experienced drivers and the presence of alcohol interlocks in all our buses – your safety is our top priority.

We work in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 39001, and ISO 45001.

By continuously improving and updating our bus fleet, we can reduce our emissions and fuel consumption.

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