ISO 14001

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Ellénius Buss is committed to protecting the environment, complying with laws and other binding requirements, and continuously improving. We approach sustainability from an environmental, social, and economic perspective. Ellénius Buss aims to:

  • Gradually transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources – for example, from diesel to renewable fuels.
  • Conserve energy – for example, by driving efficiently, implementing energy-saving measures in facilities, monitoring fuel consumption, etc.
    Consciously work to maintain low resource consumption, low emissions to soil, water, and air, and continually monitor trends to take preventive action if an adverse trend is observed – for example, through KAM investigations that highlight trend developments.
  • Avoid and reduce the use of chemicals that can negatively impact our health and the environment – for example, by referring to the chemical register.
  • Strive to make environmentally friendly choices when purchasing goods or services – for example, through collective purchasing, procurement procedures.
  • Work on continuous improvements and comply with laws and binding requirements – for example, through System C2, improvement groups, the KAM system, and compliance with legal regulations.
  • Systematically address environmental, occupational health and safety, diversity, gender equality, and accessibility issues – for example, through the KAM system.
  • Strive for business development and procurement that contribute to local and global sustainable development – through planning efforts and collective fuel procurement.
  • Communicate our sustainability efforts in a way that increases engagement and knowledge among employees, customers, and suppliers – for example, through Depot Stops, the intranet, etc.